With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Complete Commercial Flooring are proud to offer an array of shopfitting services. We have it covered from carpets and vinyl all the way up through ceramics or timber floors! Our team only works with qualified installers who will ensure that your job goes off without a hitch – on time (and sometimes early), within budget, too, so you can be confident about our prices before getting started.

The personalised service we offer also means that you may get the owner and director of your company installing flooring. As well as being able to provide this for existing shops, if they are undergoing renovations or new builds, there’s no need to worry about old adhesives taking up space like before!

At Complete Commercial Flooring, we understand that preparing a floor for new coverings is a critical step in the overall process. We offer a full range of floor preparation services, from grinding and screeding to removing existing coverings. In addition, we can also provide ramping services to ensure a flush finish. Our goal is to deliver quality workmanship that meets the needs of our clients and complies with all relevant regulations. For more information about our floor preparation services, please call us at 0419 915 590.

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